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People with Epilepsy


This list came my way this week. It quite cheered me up. Not sure why. No one deserves to have epilepsy, but it's nice to know this lot got on and made a success of their lives despite it.

  Bud Abbott-(Abbott & Costello)
  Alexander the Great
  Buddy Bell-USA (Pro Baseball player/manager)
  Napoleon Bonaparte
  Richard Burton
  Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)
  Lord Byron
  Julius Caesar
  Truman Capote
  Lewis Carroll
  Charles V (Emperor of Austria)
  Agatha Christie
  Leonardo da Vinci
  Charles Dickens
  Fydor Dostoevsky
  Gustave Flaubert
  Danny Glover
  Tony Greig (Cricket)
  Georg Fredrick Handel
  Hannibal of Carthage
  Margaux (Margot) Hemingway
  Gary Howatt-USA (Hockey)
  Joan of Arc
  Bob Jones-USA (Basketball)
  Florence Griffith Joyner
  Tony Lazzzari-USA (Baseball)
  Edward Lear
  Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
  Vachel Lindsay
  James Madison-US President
  Jean Moliere-French playwright
  Isaac Newton
  Alfred Nobel
  Nicolo Paganini
  Saint Paul
  Peter the Great
  Pope Pious IX
  Edgar Allen Poe
  Jonty Rhodes-South Africa (Cricket)
  Cardinal Richelieu of France
  Pioter (Peter) Tchaikovksy
  Harriet Tubman
  Vincent Van Gogh
  William III
  Neil Young

Tags: health Written 12/12/03

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