cam.* FAQ Release History

8.07 22/07/04   FAQ retired as it has been replaced by the

8.06 23/05/04   Added Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist recommendations.
                Thanks to Jon and Lesley-Ann for doing the leg work.
8.05 02/05/04   Specific doctor mentioned at Nuffield Road has retired.
                Thanks to Peter.

8.04 30/04/04   CAM removed (gone bust) and new URL for Cambridge Advanced
                Cyclists. Thanks to Mike for the information

8.03 24/03/04   Cambridge Pre-Press gone bust - thanks to Dan

8.02 10/03/04   1.11 on ways of reading cam.*

8.01 07/03/04   New 4.3 added on "What goes where?" and later items moved down.
                Thanks to Jifl for the information.

7.25 22/12/03   Removed Newton Associates from "Solicitors" as a result of a
                recent thread which strongly contradicts previous reports

7.24 29/10/03   Some updates done to bins, thanks to John.
                Typo fixed and Woolies removed, thanks to Ian.
                Julian's Photography added for weddings from cam.misc         

7.23 25/09/03   Added Alan Woods email address. Thanks to Mark.

7.22 23/09/03   Robert Sayle removed from Foreign exchange section.
                Thanks to Kevin.
                Section of pub quizzes added, collated by David.

7.21 18/08/03   Drain Doctor removed as no Cambridge franchisee now.
                Thanks to Ashley.

7.20 12/08/03   Fixed Apollo's phone number. Thanks to Tim.

7.19 04/08/03   Added new section for physiotherapists based on recent thread

7.18 28/07/03   Added 6.11 on complaining about buses and taxis.

7.17 16/05/03   De-lurked Chris, Jennifer and Graham.
                Added more entries to roofers (mainly -s sadly)
                Added + for The Traditional Flooring Company
                Added car valeting section for CVS

7.16 03/06/03   Added osteopaths based on recent thread and one in July 2002
                Added 6.10 about Hash House Harriers route marking
                Three more "+" for University Cycles
                More "+" for Ebley, ATS and Arbury Fast Fit
                Mention of Milton Windows for double glazing

7.15 24/05/03   Added URL for Murketts. Thanks to Vince.

7.14 30/04/03   Added Ian and Dave to the list of councillors

7.13 11/04/03   Added Tim's Taxi Van to removals section

7.12 28/03/03   URL for Satchell Electronics added, Thanks to Mark.

7.11 21/03/03   New 4.4 on recycling batteries. Old 4.4 becomes 4.5

7.10 20/03/03   New URL for Ben Hayward. Thanks to Jon for the heads up.

7.09 09/03/03   Link to Chris' traffic analysis pages
                Recommendation for TAH Electrical Engineers

7.08 18/02/03   Added Torgau Plastering
                SOFA URL updated

7.07 30/01/03   Daniels Construction contact details updated (mail from the man

7.06 26/01/03   Carlton Arms added to nosmo section.

7.05 21/01/03   URL to Highway Code updated

7.04 13/01/03   "Exhaust fitting" now "Tyres & Exhausts" and lots of
                entries added as a result of a thread on this. The first
                ATS posting is particularly worth reading!

7.03 09/01/03   Another + for Geoff Dench and also Premier Plastering
                New entry Rehearsal rooms created so that Ant can plug his
                web site.

7.02 08/01/03   added + for Bridgefoot Farm Kennels to boarding kennels and
                another + for Maple Cottage vets plus three more builders

7.01 02/01/03   Massucco Buttress and NBM Massucco Shelbourne separately listed
                Section of freight companies added
                PS ... updated to include plug for

6.24 24/12/02   Various +'s from Katherine

6.23 13/12/02   Extra + for Proctors from Jonathan

6.22 09/12/02   Pre-mix concrete added (recommendation from Sue)

6.21 04/12/02   Torch Computers disrecommended after they spammed various
                people who post to cam.misc (including me, twice!)

6.20 29/11/02   Glass merchants added

6.19 13/11/02   Added Alex Daniels to builders list (posting from Debs)

6.18 12/11/02   Added Andrew Lansley details (thanks to Denis)

6.17 28/10/02   Made Style Driver Training a URL (thanks to Stephen)
                Removed Cowley Road web cam (Mike says it's always down)

6.16 25/09/02   Added a PS link to The Hug's Amazon Associates page.

6.15 22/09/02   Link to NHS dentists site (thanks to Steve)

6.14 16/09/02   Revised webcam list

6.13 05/09/02   Link to Naich's vege food site
                New for jewellers

6.12 26/06/02   Muntjac added.

6.11 18/06/02   New section for 2nd hand PC suppliers plus more plasterers.

6.10 13/06/02   Another "+" for Charles Lee (can he have too many ;-)) and
                a new recommendation for Town & Country tree surgery.
                Both from Dave. Plus fixed a lot of errant ampersands.

6.09 28/05/02   Duff URL fixed, thanks to Theo for the heads up.

6.08 15/05/02   My moment of glory.

6.07 27/04/02   Estate agents section re-written plus removals updated

6.06 08/04/02   Details of green box scheme at suggestion of Tim

6.05 06/04/02   Minor change requested by Nathan

6.04 25/03/02   More strong disrecommendations for St Andrews letting agency

6.03 24/03/02   Ladies hairdressers added
                plus strong disrecommendation for St Andrews letting agency

6.02 21/03/02   Long overdue check on URLs. Quite a lot gone missing or changed.

6.01 10/03/02   New section 6.8 on finding a job based on recent threads

5.21 27/12/01   Web cams looking at Bill's new toy

5.20 21/12/01   Cambridge web cams section added (6.7) and old 6.7 now 6.999.

5.19 19/12/01   Added K&P Heating and Plumbing and David Hatter

5.18 04/12/01   More caterers

5.17 01/12/01   New sections for roofing and clothing repair/alteration
                Add Duck to decorators
                Updated URL for Anglia Property Preservation (thanks to Naich)

5.16 20/11/01   New hyperlinked index of section 2.6
                Recommendation for caterers added
                More entries in bike shops
                Yet another + for Charles Lee, cam.misc's favourite builder

5.15 08/11/01   Recommendations for picture framers added.
                Text of SNB updated based on posting by Jón

5.14 11/10/01   Added new sections on NTL cable modem and police web site
                about bike theft (from recent threads) plus removed Rose's
                bike shop (now closed). Thanks to Colin B for the info. 

5.13 01/10/01   Added Douglas' -'s for BSM/AA for parking in cycle lanes

5.12 13/08/01   Clarifications and typos in re-cycling, thanks to Mark
                New email address for street lighting, thanks to Colin

5.11 21/06/01   URL for County councillors updated, thanks to Colin
                Added recommendations for kennels

5.10 31/05/01   Re-worked words on constituencies

5.09 26/04/01   Minor bug fixes. Thanks to Brian

5.08 03/04/01   New URL for Milton village site

5.07 08/03/01   Washing machine repairers and foreign exchange added

5.06 07/03/01   New plumber added, new 2.5 on accomodation with 2.6 pushed
                down, and new phone number of NHS dentists helpline (thanks
                to Paul and TFSL (C) 2000

5.05 26/02/01   A Noll electrician.

5.04 ??/02/01   ?

5.03 17/02/01   Tim Ward's accomodation URL updated

5.03 08/02/01   Added hyperlink to the online H**hw*y C**e

5.02 25/01/01   Duff URL for Skew Bridge. Thanks to John for spotting it

5.01 02/01/01   Added Liz and Barry to list of councillors

4.32 15/12/00   Mike Lewis web site in place of email address
                Added wood/laminate floor section
                More recommendations for Charles Lee
                Removed one of CoOp IFAs as he's no longer active

4.31 22/11/00   Added Coulsons, Simon Arksey, Lancaster to builders section
                based on current thread

4.30 20/11/00   Removed reference to Keir's picnic guide (section 6.4) as it's
                long gone, and moved 6.5/6 up to fill gap. Thanks to Chris for
                spotting it and apologies to Keir for not doing this when he
                first told me it had gone

4.29 23/10/00   Ian Hall added to electricians and Steelcraft in new section

4.28 08/10/00   Tim Ward's web site URL updated and PJ added to sparkies

4.27 04/10/00   Spell checked. Thanks to Steve K for sending me that way

4.26 11/09/00   Added Ablewight chimney sweep

4.25 06/09/00   Various recommendations for artisans from cam.misc

4.24 28/08/00   A late - entry for First Site
                Re-worked 3.1 after input from Colin

4.23 16/08/00   The Cambridge Property Practice added to agency list
                Another + and - for Reeds hairdresser

4.22 14/08/00   John Franklin links updated. Letting agency recommendations
                moved into 2.5 and re-done based on new thread.

4.21 28/07/00   Barbers entry re-done from scratch after recent thread on
                cam.misc (Blue Moon hadn't gone, Matthew just looking in wrong
                place ;-))

4.20 11/07/00   Removed Jon Coe Removals, no longer in business says Keith
                and Blue Moon hairdressers, ditto says Matthew

4.19 06/07/00   Revised words on councils.

4.18 05/07/00   John Abrahams details updated. Thanks to Geoff

4.17 29/06/00   Tom Cauley removed from builders as he's gone away according
                to Dom

4.16 05/06/00   Removed link to (dead) Cambridge Contractors Noticeboard
                Added "-" to Newton Associates entry

4.15 30/05/00   Link to list of ucam.* groups

4.14 07/05/00   Jennifer Liddle, Graham Stuart and Chris Howell added as 
                "lurking" councillors

4.13 05/05/00   Newly elected Tim Ward added to list of active councillors

4.12 20/04/00   Revised words on councillors and email. Thanks to Denis.

4.11 18/04/00   New web site/email address for James Paice MP

4.10 04/04/00   Anne Campbell's web site URL updated

4.09 25/03/00   At last, some web cam news groups!

4.08 13/03/00   Link to Tony Robinson's estate agents page added

4.07 06/03/00   Links to SCDC councillors page fixed (it had moved)

4.06 02/02/00   Added an index at the top.

4.05 01/02/00   Cosmetic only

4.04 28/01/00   Removed link to Mark Carroll's regulars page cos it's gone AWOL
                Moved the Blue to the no smoking pubs section (hurrah!)

4.03 05/01/00   Added dry ski slopes from posting by Anthony

4.02 03/01/00   Complete list of MEPs, thanks to Colin for the names

4.01 03/01/00   New section 3.7 on MEPs

3.25 30/12/99   New section for car/van hire recommendations.
                Fixed section numbering in section 1, and added anchors
                for each section so we can now refer to camfaq.html#3.1 etc

3.24 02/12/99   Reworked section on no smoking pubs, adding some more
                entries and revising layout

3.23 26/11/99   Updated section on estate agent with link to CEN page
                Thanks to Ashley for finding that one.

3.22 22/11/99   IFA recommendations. Thanks for Vicky for the summary

3.21 17/11/99   Photo boot list added. Thanks to Phil for the summary

3.20 02/11/99   Dentists list updated

3.19 03/09/99   Added new section 1.5 on other places to post adverts, with
                1.n (n>4) becoming 1.(n+1).

3.18 26/08/99   Added link to ne.general, suggested by jifl

3.17 17/08/99   Entries for car radio repairs revised from Steve's comments

3.16 16/08/99   Entries added for business cards, stockbrokers and car
                radio repair based on recent threads, and recommendations
                section re-worked to sort into broad headings.

3.15 05/08/99   Link to new Ben Hayward Web site, spotted by Chris.

3.14 05/08/99   Added Massucco Shelbourne Wray and AJL, recommended by Kathryn
                Plus added policy of ignoring postings with X-No-Archive: Yes
                header set

3.13 03/08/99   Added Apollo timber treatment - posting by Douglas

3.12 09/07/99   Typo in URL for county council fixed. Thanks to Jon

3.11 01/07/99   Link to page on how to set Followup-To header, inspired
                by John R who found out how to do it in Outlook Express

3.10 14/06/99   Reworked 1.6 to include some comments on good quoting
                practice and to include a link to an excellent page on
                configuring news clients - thanks to Brian for the URL

3.09 24/05/99   New section 1.5 on creating cam.* groups, with existing
                1.5 to 1.8 renumbered as 1.6 to 1.9

3.08 29/04/99   Letting agents: new (+ve) entry for Colleys, more -ve
                reports for existing entries for Catlings and Camflats

3.07 17/03/99   Replaced much of re-cycling section with link to CCityC site
                Added Kathy English to solicitors list and yet more + for
                Newton Associates. New recommendations for removals.
                New entries for shed suppliers(!), Alexander Technique, and
                burglar alarm installers
                Plus checked all links (BSM blank, removed; Ben Hayward gone)
                and added link to Robert Sturdy MEP's web site

3.06 25/02/99   A "-" for Gray and Homes from Roz

3.05 05/02/99   Original advertising statement restored with change to
                frequency as agreed in the vote conducted by Vicky
                (well done that woman!)

3.04 28/01/99   Advice on which groups to use restored, but toned down
                Section on advertising re-written to provide advice only
                Section on cam.* netiquette restored

3.03 18/01/99   Denis Payne's email address corrected, sorry Denis

3.02 18/01/99   Denis Payne added to active councillors section
                All posting policies removed hence no 1.4-5

3.01 01/01/99   1.4 renumbered as 1.5, new section 1.4 added on advertising

2.48 09/12/98   Tim O'Dell removed as his email address gives a 550
                Entry on added
                Street lighting moved up next to it

2.47 07/12/98   New entry on MPs. Moved recycling into a new section
                on its own, with subsequent renumbering. Added entry
                on chimney sweep (thank to me ;-))

2.46 20/11/98   Link to Tim Love's Resources for Cambridge Parents page
                plus some tidying up of text and fixing of old links

2.45 18/11/98   Plumbers added, thanks to Colin for collating results

2.44 16/11/98   URLs for BSM (thanks to Nick) and AA driving schools

2.43 29/10/98   Extra "+" for Kelvin J Webb and especially Steve

2.42 28/10/98   Release history moved out to its own page
                More words on uk.local and pointer to u.l.e-a
                Extra "+" for Eddie (not Eddy) Kikas

2.41 23/10/98   Added Paul R's link to a WebCam mailing list URL
                reorganised the footnotes relating to it, and added a
                new 1.6 on the John Franklin study, mainly to provide
                somewhere to hold the links to the relevant pages

2.40 20/10/98   Eagle's non-smoking room

2.39 16/10/98   Added email address and more "+"s to St Andrews agency
                plus new entry for Good Properties Ltd
                Also link to Leisurecard page, thanks to Audrey

2.38 15/10/98   Added jifl's SNB FAQ

2.37 14/10/98   Added phone number for Nuffield, thanks to Jon

2.36 13/10/98   Added Jon Coe Removals to new removals section
                and Kelvin J Webb & Camb DH&P to GCH section
                Rewrote introduction to mention Web cams

2.35 12/10/98   Added a link to Mark Carroll's cam.* regulars Web page

2.34 28/09/98   Revised the section on local government to include SCDC
                (thanks to Paul for the reminder that SCDC had a Web site
                at last) and to include pointers to the pages listing our

2.33 28/09/98   Additional recommendations for driving instructors plus
                new sections for motorcycle instruction and glass engravers,
                all taken from recent threads in cam.misc.

2.32 18/08/98   Added reference to news.announce.newusers.

2.31 14/08/98   Added Tim Ward's accomodation noticeboard site (thanks to Jo).
                Added a new 5.5 on picnics pointing to the URL of Keir's
                picnic page (old 5.5 becomes 5.6).
                Added new section on exhaust fitters (posting by to Andrew R)

2.30 11/08/98   More positive reports of Brian Jackson, Jon's electrician
                added, and HE restored as CEN suggests they've been taken
                over by someone.

2.29 04/08/98   Hertfordshire Estates removed from list of letting agents
                as they've gone bust.

2.28 28/07/98   Note that Richard Newton isn't a solicitor. Thanks to Ashley.
                Plus claim to having placed the Reality Checkpoint plaque.

2.27 22/06/98   Castle upstairs added to the nosmo's. Thanks to Matthew.

2.26 16/06/98   URL for Ben Hayward added, thanks to Beth.

2.25 11/06/98   My email address changed to point to the-hug so I can employ
                some procmail filters on it.

2.24 08/06/98   Another negative report for Petro.

2.23 05/06/98   Lawn mower servicing and bathroom people added.

2.22 03/06/98   Added metronome repairer (posting from Phil) and conflicting
                reports of Petro's Handyman. Revised words on councils
                including the URLs of their Web sites, where known. Added link
                to Ad Hoc guide. Changed URL for Pocock & Shaw, and added
                Redmayne, Arnold & Harris. Release history ordering reversed.

2.21 21/04/98   Citycard price for those on benefits increased, plus some
                minor errors and typos fixed (all thanks to Colin R)

2.20 26/03/98   Citycard no longer needs photo (thanks to Tony for info)
                Removed all double glazing companies after conflicting reports
                Plus recommended cycle shops, from recent thread

2.19 17/03/98   Zenith removed from double glazers list after negative
                reports (unpleasant salesman) plus new URL for Tylers

2.18 03/03/98   Added a decorator - from posting by Mike Beasley.

2.17 27/02/98   Added sections on Ownership and Policy.

2.16 26/02/98   Typos fixed, cam.sug entry rewritten, Pike & Eel added to
                no smoking pubs list, added timber treatment/damp proofers
                and builder Tom Cauley to the recommendations list.

2.15 29/01/98   New plaque on Reality Checkpoint, as reported on cam.misc.

2.14 16/01/98   New email address for Tim O'Dell.

2.13 06/01/98   Revised words on CamNet (at their request) plus suggestions
                for correct groups for cameras (thanks to Patrick)

2.12 05/01/98   Revised 1.2 to include words on cam.sug and the groups.
                Added words to 1.3 on HTML, Mime encoding etc. New 1.5 on
                readership based on Colin's analysis. New 3.4 (with all
                following sections moved down) on re-cycling furniture
                (thanks to Andrew for that), plus the usual tinkering.

2.11 09/12/97   Added Hudson Windows to double glazing list.

2.10 02/12/97   Added Paul Oldham to the active councillors list.

2.09 24/11/97   Added fridge repairer to list in 2.6 (thanks to Jim Noble).

2.08 21/11/97   Added Tim O'Dell to the active councillors list and Tylers
                to the estate agents with good Web sites. Reworked "Credits"
                and added "Caveats". Plus some general tidying up.

2.07 12/11/97   Some names and email addresses removed at owners' request.

2.06 10/11/97   New URL for Keith's Cambridge guide.

2.05 04/11/97   Reporting lighting faults.

2.04 22/10/97   What is the Legend of Black Shuck (or Skeff)? dropped in
                favour of words on bonfire night.

2.03 08/10/97   Some tidying up of syntax.

2.02 06/10/97   True HTML version.

2.01 05/10/97   First version in HTML

1.04 02/09/97   Recommendations for Inter-Let and Eddie Kikas (received
                via mail and cam.misc)

1.03 25/08/97   URL of city councillors, plus revised reality checkpoint
                comments from Colin.

1.02 24/08/97   After "Friends" add "the Earth", plus some clarification
                on green bins usage (thanks to Sarah).

1.01 12/08/97   Few minor typos fixed.

1.00 11/08/97   First live version.

0.10 26/06/97   Clarification of things only available to City residents
                (thanks to Douglas for that one)

0.09 26/06/97   Numerous small changes arising from mail comments after
                the URL was posted on cam.misc (thanks to Dom, Patrick,
                Jim and Steve).

0.08 25/06/97   Minor revisions courtesy of Hugo.

0.07 25/06/97   Revised Leisure card details based on Steve's contribution
                plus full list of re-cycling points.

0.06 24/06/97   Keir Finlow-Bates' punting guide (and revised list) plus
                BC's comment on the leisure card, a precis of Hugo's text
                on green bins, my version of why cam,* and the councils

0.05 24/06/97   Steve's comments and corrections incorporated.

0.04 24/06/97   Added Dave Holland and Keir Finlow-Bates' lists plus some
                more wibble from me.

0.03 20/05/97   A few answers.

0.02 20/05/97   Added Hugo and Brian's suggested questions - now we need
                some answers!

0.01 19/05/97   Demo release for comment

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